Document Management System

Our Document Management System, which we call the Document Guidance System, is the most convenient way to store your required building management and life safety critical documents.

Our system will send you timely reminders when anything is due. You won't have to worry about updates or look up obscure regulations, because all the work is done for you by the online system. You'll save hours of time every week, and you'll never miss a deadline for renewals and regulations.

The Document Management System has been designed and created by industry experts in commercial property management. It's set up to comply with current government regulations, and our experts keep it updated as regulations change and new regulations are introduced.

You will have peace of mind knowing that all your required documents are in one central, safe location. They're always readily accessible when you need them. Because it's online, you can access your documents from any computer, 24 hours a day. You can organize your folders and documents in any way you choose.

How does the Document Management System work?

  • You will have an account authorized to login and view documents assigned to you and your organization. You will also be able to upload new documents whenever you want;
  • Your documents will be organized according to location and category. Documents within each category can be in a variety of file formats (.txt, .doc, .pdf, etc.);
  • You can decide which workers or employees are permitted to upload new documents;
  • If a document requires a renewal and this has not already been done, you will receive a timely and convenient reminder to an email address of your choice. Alternatively, certain reminders can be sent to a variety of email addresses (such as a department of an organization).

The Document Management System was designed specifically to erase the worries of complicated life safety codes and regulations

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