Our Life Safety Services

RLS Group offers three powerful solutions to its clients in business, government, and building management who are looking for answers to their training and life safety needs.

Online Training

Our one-of-a-kind online games-based training is fun, interactive, and increases trainee retention. It's cutting edge and unlike anything else in the industry. It utilizes DISTIL Interactive's industry-leading training platform, and the results are fun online training programs that engage learners in real-world situations they can relate to.

You no longer have to coordinate a time when every worker can attend a training session and you can book a certified teacher. Online training can be done anywhere, anytime, by anyone. Give each employee a username and password, and they complete the training when it's convenient - at work or at home, from any computer.

With RLS Group's reporting feature, there are no more ambiguities when showing your records to government or company officials; it's easy to run reports on which workers took which training, when they took it, and their results. With our training programs, proof of certification or completion is convenient and easy.

Custom training courses for any workplace training needs and regulations are no problem with our unique workplace training software. We can create a fun, games-based training program that's compliant with the strictest of workplace regulations and health and safety standards.

Document Management System

Our customizable Document Management System was designed to help you easily manage your building envelope information. You never have to worry about remembering required updates or looking up obscure regulations. The system prompts you when an update is required based on current codes and compliance regulations.

pic_bindersWith one easy place to store all of your required documents, an enforced document naming policy, and customizable access levels, you'll save hours and hours of time each week.

Everything is set up to comply with government regulations so you never have to worry about tracking down individual and obscure regulations. The Document Management System has been designed and created by industry experts in commercial property management.

Folder structures can be tailored to your needs and are intended to logically organize files and photos into a format that would be efficient for both facility managers and government auditors.

You have peace of mind knowing that all your required documents are in one central location. They're always readily accessible when you need them. And because it's online, you can access your documents from any computer, 24 hours a day.

Problem Solving and Consulting

The team at RLS Group has the reputation and the years of industry experience dealing to solve any life safety need that might come up at your workplace. From life safety audits to systems design, we can identify and solve any fire and life safety problems at your building.

  • RLS Group can create custom online training to meet any government certification requirements, internal business procedures/protocols or work safety training standards. Visit our online WHMIS training page to see what we can build for you. Even our existing online training courses can be customized to suit your business.