Meet Our Team

RLS Group is run by a dynamic team of experts from the Fire and Life Safety Industry. They've applied their skills to offer innovative online training products and other Life Safety services.

Catherine Chandler

Catherine has been with RLS for over 14 years.

With RLS, she's expanded the life safety company's consulting and training service into the municipal, provincial and federal government departments. She's developed and provided instructor-led training courses in fire extinguisher and fire warden training. She also assisted with the development of software for Statistics Canada to provide internal fire warden training for all Statistics Canada employees.

She makes the lives of our life safety clients easier with her in-depth knowledge of the Canadian Federal Government. Catherine has worked with the Federal Government for over 20 years in a variety of different capacities that have transferred over to her role with RLS. Although she has so much experience, she knows that the constant changes in safety and fire codes means that the learning process is constant.

What she enjoys most is the sense of accomplishment that comes with being involved in such an important industry; one that has a direct impact on the well-being and safety of her clients.


  • RLS Group can create custom online training to meet any government certification requirements, internal business procedures/protocols or work safety training standards. Visit our online WHMIS training page to see what we can build for you. Even our existing online training courses can be customized to suit your business.