Engaging WHMIS: Training for Safety Success!

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Our online WHMIS training is games-based and interactive.

It's based on the strictest of Canadian Provincial health and safety standards.

Instead of limited multiple choice tests or dry presentations, RLS Group's WHMIS trainees will scan virtual environments, consult virtual advisors and resolve problems within the commercial office environment. They will learn about basic WHMIS labeling, symbols and practices, and experience exactly how WHMIS is used in their workplace.

The life-like scenarios include a shipping and receiving area, an office and a mechanical room. Although workers from a variety of industries require WHMIS training, the concepts and situations have been broken down so that workers from any industry can easily relate to the training and learn from it.

Employers are required by law to have their workers trained in WHMIS. If you're unsure whether you or your employees need WHMIS, be sure to read the Important WHMIS Training Information article on our website.

Despite offering a games-based training course that's unlike anything else in the industry, our WHMIS online training is competitively low-priced.


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  • RLS Group can create custom online training to meet any government certification requirements, internal business procedures/protocols or work safety training standards. Visit our online WHMIS training page to see what we can build for you. Even our existing online training courses can be customized to suit your business.