Custom Online Training

One of the key benefits of our online training is that we can create custom online training courses to meet any workplace or health and safety learning need. From work safety training to hazardous materials to installing dry wall, our games-based custom online training courses can teach learners the skills they need at your workplace. And when we say your workplace, we mean your workplace. We can customize our training simulations based on actual floor plans and building designs so that trainees will learn their skills in the same environment in which they'll soon be using them. Learning is no longer abstract or only theoretical - the environments are customized to your specific workplace environment and situations.

Our Life Safety Experts have years of experience in the industry. If you need custom online training to meet any work safety training regulations or certification requirements, we will design the training to make it happen.

"Learning work safety and other important workplace skills has never been easier or more convenient."

We work with DISTIL Interactive to create custom online training games that are fun and engaging. Based on your needs, we will create a new online training game that teaches your employees to excel at the specific skill sets that your organization needs to thrive. Your employees can take the training whenever it is convenient. All the training is done online. During their online training, you can see detailed log reports that tell you exactly where each employee is relative to their online training goals.

Because we can tailor every aspect of the online training, we can create simulations that are exactly the type of situations that your employees will encounter. The closer the custom online training is to real life, the more your employees will relate to it and absorb the material.

"Complete the training courses any time, anywhere, and over multiple sessions."

If you're interested in a custom online training solution for your work safety training or work skills training needs, contact us now. We will author a custom online training solution that will get you the results you're looking for.


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  • RLS Group can create custom online training to meet any government certification requirements, internal business procedures/protocols or work safety training standards. Visit our online WHMIS training page to see what we can build for you. Even our existing online training courses can be customized to suit your business.