Business In Balance

Learn environmental standards.

Our Business in Balance is a games-based online training courses that teaches employees about Environmental Management Systems (EMS) and lets them experience the entire process before you implement it. These convenient online training courses are based on the ISO 14001:2004 standard, which specifies the requirements for an environmental management system.

We offer two Business in Balance training courses:

Business in Balance: Introduction to ISO 14001
Business in Balance: Implementing ISO 14001:2004

Business in Balance: Introduction to ISO 14001

Our Introduction to ISO14001 safety training course will immerse your employees in a virtual, interactive environment that will increase their understanding of Environmental Management Systems. It's a fun and effective introduction to ISO 14001.

Employees will interact with the Environmental Management System in the same ways that they would interact with it in real life. They'll make real decisions with consequences they can go back and analyze to improve their understanding. The key elements of Environmental Management Systems are all here so that employees from any industry can understand and relate to the training.

Business in Balance: Implementing ISO 14001:2004

Our Implementing ISO 14001:2004 online training course puts trainees into the role of an Environmental Management Representative.

Trainees will choose people and assign tasks to implement an Environmental Management System in a fictional organization. Each scenario will limit available resources while setting a goal for effectiveness. Trainees will have to make judgment calls, learn from their mistakes, and do what they can't do in real life: start over, examine their progress, and do it differently.

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