Choosing the Best Health and Safety Training

Choosing the best health and safety training can be a tough process. Very often, you're required to have your employees trained and certified in some element of health and safety, but it's not the focus of your business.

Search for Safety Training Online

Online health and safety training is the most convenient option because workers can take the training at a time that suits every one best.

There are a variety of companies that offer workplace safety training courses or seminars. Make sure the company is reputable.

Do they have testimonials or feedback from clients?
Do they have experts in the health and safety field?
Why types of health and safety certifications are they able to meet?
Can they customize their health and safety training?
Do they offer individual reporting on trainee progress and competition?

If you find a few possibly companies offering workplace health and safety training, don't be afraid to contact them with questions. Tell them exactly what you need, and find out if they're able to provide exactly what you want.

Consider the Price

pic_laptop_groupMany companies offer different price structures based on how many licenses you buy for online health and safety training. If you're in charge of training a portion of a very large company, you'll want to find bulk prices. And you may want to negotiate. Many price structures stop at a couple hundred licenses. If you're getting health and safety training for several thousand, or custom safety training, you can probably negotiate an even lower price.

Consider the Health and Safety of Your Employees!

Don't forget about the true benefits of workplace health and safety training. Getting properly certified is only one piece of the health and safety puzzle.

You want to find health and safety training that will truly help your employees and your company in the event of an emergency. Games-based training is the newest innovation in the health and safety training industry, and it's something you should look into. Whatever you decide, you want safety training that will get results.

Not Sure What You Need? Consider Life Safety Consulting

If you're still unclear exactly what you need from your safety training, or you're not sure what workplace health and safety certifications your company is responsible for, you might hire a life safety consultant to tell you exactly what you need. They will also have a list of companies they trust for your health and safety training needs.

Finding online workplace health and safety training shouldn't ever bee a difficult process. Do your initial research and ask questions.

RLS Group has a variety of "off-the-shelf" online health and safety training products available, including online WHMIS training. We're also able to create custom online training depending on your needs.


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  • RLS Group can create custom online training to meet any government certification requirements, internal business procedures/protocols or work safety training standards. Visit our online WHMIS training page to see what we can build for you. Even our existing online training courses can be customized to suit your business.